Trinity Baptist Academy is a direct ministry of the Trinity Missionary Baptist Church. We have a new beginning as a school in 2007, but it derives from an old vision. It was the vision of Dr. Carl Sadler and the members of Trinity to begin a school as a ministry of this church. It has taken a little time in the making, actually it was all based upon God's timing, but here we are.

We are committed to providing a quality education while maintaining Baptist distinctives and we firmly believe that it is easier to build boys and girls than to repair men and women. We understand that our society has not done a bad job at teaching our young people how to make a living. Making a living seems to be the great interest of most, even Christians. It would appear that the "American Dream" has taken precedence over the "Christian Mandate" and we hope to help do something about that.

It begins with a thorough understanding that God commands His people to teach their children (Deut.6:1-9) and that teaching should have Jesus Christ at the very heart of it all. All truth is of the Lord, Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." Our curriculum is Christocentric, in that it begins with God and not man. With this in mind we believe that it is imperative that we teach our children how to make a life and God will take care of the living as well, (Matt. 6:33).